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Fishkill Farms

Fishkill Farms is an apple orchard and diversified fruit and vegetable farm in the town of East Fishkill, New York.

In addition to 40 acres of apples, we grow peaches, nectarines, black currants, cherries, and pumpkins, all of which are available in season for pick-your-own. We also have 20 acres of diverse vegetable plantings, several berry patches, three greenhouses, and pasture-raised hens. Our goal as a farm is to produce fresh, healthy and sustainably grown food for local customers. We are committed to good stewardship of the land — we want it to nurture us for generations to come. Our vegetables are grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, and we use "IPM" or Integrated Pest Management to help us minimize chemical inputs in our orchard.

Visitors to the farm can pick their own fruit and buy our vegetables and other local foods at our farm market. Those who can't make it to the farm can find our produce at several farmer's markets, locally and in New York City.

Gathering at Fishkill Farms

Pick your own apples and more from our environmentally-friendly farm

Pick-your-own on Fishkill Farms started back in the 1960's when farm manager Ray Morris decided to let some of our neighbors pick fruit from the trees. To his surprise, the farm did better business that first year selling direct to customers than it ever had before. Since then, Fishkill Farms has offered an ever-expanding list of fruits (and now vegetables) for visitors to pick in the fall and summer seasons.

Pick-your-own begins in June with strawberries. July brings cherries and berries. Late July and August mark the harvest of juicy, tree-ripe peaches and nectarines. The season culminates in the fall with more than a dozen varieties of classic NY apples, and pumpkin-picking.

Mid September through mid October, we have our Harvest Festival Weekends. We offer homemade food, donuts and cider, plus entertainment in the form of hayrides and live music on select days. The spectacular views, lovely fall weather, and the satisfaction of picking your own apples all combine for great family-friendly fun. We're a real farm and not a theme park, so we don't offer all the bells and whistles of some "agri-tainment" establishments. The heart of our identity as a productive farm and our mission of growing good food in harmony with nature is more important to us.

Our commitment to environmentally responsible farming sets us apart from most local farms. We grow low-spray fruit and recently became one of the only orchards in the region to offer pick-your-own apples grown according to organic standards (in select orchard blocks), though we are not certified. Our orchard is certified sustainably grown by Eco Apple.

Fishkill Farms

What's a CSA?

Joining a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture group) is a great way to eat fresh and local. Members pay in the beginning of the year. In return, they receive a share of produce each week throughout the farm's season. Each week's share will be a surprise. Some weeks, you will receive more than others. Overall, you will share in the farm's bounty and eat fresher, better produce than you can get anywhere else.

CSAs were first started in Europe and Japan in the 1970's by communities concerned about the loss of farmland and the environmental and health risks of mass-produced food. By supporting small farms in the beginning of the year, CSA members help them survive through tough seasons, taking on some of the risks and rewards inherent in farming. In return, they eat healthier, fresher food, season-long. What started in this country as a single CSA in 1986 has grown to over 2,000 today.

Here are our top 10 reasons to join a CSA:

  1. Freshness—Eat fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the season, straight from the field to your
    hands. It tastes better and it's more nutritious.
  2. Variety—Enjoy the opportunity to try new varieties of produce.
  3. Knowing where your food comes from—Deepen your connection to what you eat by getting to know
    the people who grow it.
  4. Supporting the environment—Eat produce that is grown with eco-friendly methods.
  5. Cook more—The healthiest meals are those cooked at home with fresh produce.
  6. Preserving—Do some canning and enjoy the bounty throughout the year.
  7. Value—Save money compared to buying similar produce at a farmer's market.
  8. Community—The CSA is a great opportunity to meet new friends and like-minded individuals.
  9. Economies—Know that your support helps the local economy by creating jobs locally.
  10. Farm—CSAs preserve farmland by supporting local farms.

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